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Top 10 Free Tools for Small Business

Free Tools for Business


Success cannot be achieved in any field of life without hard work. Every job you do either an office job or any other responsibility, you have to put all your efforts in it to successfully complete it.

If you are a businessman then you might have to work even harder to make your business successful and to grow it to the best extent. You should have to use extra help to organize your business. You can use different tools to organize or market your product to grow your business.

Top 10 Free Tools for Small Business

Here is the list of some essential parts of your business which should be well developed for business growth.


  • Marketing
  • Organizing
  • Assistance
  • On the go storage availability for documents
  • Customer service
  • Professional networking


These are very important pillars of a business and without them being strong your business might collapse. Here are some free tools for a small business.



MailChimp is a free tool for small business owners. It helps them to send emails to customers and fans to hold strong customer base. Under its free plan, it enables you to send up to 12000 emails per month.

This free plan is good for small businesses which have up to 2000 subscribers.



Hootsuite is a free tool for social media marketing which must prove best suited for a small business. The free plan of HootSuite manages up to three social media accounts with some extra features.

It enables you to track the follower growth and schedules your posts. It also provides you an online help center.



Sniply is a tool for online marketing for small businesses. It provides with unlimited links to share for your product marketing.

Simply adds a call-to-action button to every link you share on the web for your business. It helps the visitors of a webpage to directly visit your website by just clicking on the call-to-action button.


Microsoft Business Intelligence 

Microsoft business intelligence is a suit of business analytics tools that provide throughout your business organization. It helps to generate reports and publishing them on the web. You can create a personalized dashboard. It connects to other services and data sources with it power BI.

Different organizations, small or large, around the globe are using this. Its free version has basic features which are good for small businesses.



Blogging is also important for promoting your business. WordPress is a free platform to create a blog for your business.

It has a lot of free themes to choose and a lot of tools to customize your blog according to your product. It is free and easy to use.



A doodle is a free tool for scheduling your meetings. When you are busy and may forget some important business to attend to, Doodle is the assistant you need.

An actually assistant for a small business may not be good but don’t worry Doodle does well and keeps you on track.

It has different options like Doodle Mobile and connecting calendars which enable you to attend to meeting requests directly in the calendar interface.

Top 10 Free Tools for Small Business


Google Docs 

On the go, data availability is important so that you do not have to miss something important to work on. Google Docs is the right choice as it lets you create slides, documents and data sheets in real-time and you can share them with anyone.

You can also comment and chat through this and you can get your documents anywhere anytime you want.



Helprace is a free tools customer service for your small business. It has different features like tickets, email management, customer community, and feedback.

The free version of this tool lets you have 3 agents for the small support team, ticketing system, customer community and knowledge base.



Linkedln is a free platform for professional networking. This platform enables you to get in touch with the people with same business or job as you and you can promote your company profile.

This is a very important platform like social media platforms.



Dropbox is a cloud storage service which gives you a limited cloud space for free for your most important documents for business.

You can have these documents or files anytime and anywhere you want by using Dropbox on multiple devices.…